Description    What Ever Happened To D.B. Cooper? is a fantasy-adventure board game about the disappearance of D.B. Cooper. It’s an exciting race to the end of a mysterious national park where people have gone missing for unknown reasons… To solve the mystery of what happened to the $200,000 that the infamous plane hijacker known as D.B. Cooper stole from a flight in 1971, players must go against each other through the perilous unknown regions of undiscovered territory in an Oregon national park.
    Conceptualized and designed a playable tabletop game, making decisions on game type, target audience, and mechanics. Following the development phase, shifted focus to designing an established brand with a title and style to create cohesive visuals for game components, instructions, and packaging; implementing color palette, typefaces, patterns, and other graphic styling to ensure a unified visual system that effectively communicates the game's narrative.

    Norfolk, VA
    Graphic Designer, Illustrator
    Logo Design, Visual Identity, Illustration, Packaging Design, Product Design

    objective    Develop an engaging board game that allows for player interaction throughout each turn. The gameplay should offer seamless and equitable experiences, blending interactivity with strategic depth. The game's visual aesthetic should evoke a sense of whimsy and intrigue, characterized by fragmented and fantastical elements. Incorporating vibrant colors and halftone textures will evoke a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of the seventies era.

    The Cards    The back of the cards feature a detailed illustration of the flight path and surrounding area of the flight D.B. Cooper was last seen.

    The board    Similar to the mechanics of the game "Sorry," players progress clockwise around the board until they return to their initial position, drawing cards on draw spots along the way. Upon reaching their starting point, they advance towards the center to engage in a battle with their respective monster randomly flipped off top of the monster pile.

    Research and Development    Conceptual development through thumbnail sketches.

    Research and Development    Final lockup with colors.

    Colors and Typography   The color palette draws inspiration from the diverse biomes featured in the game, while the typefaces are sourced directly from authentic typewriter scans, enhancing the narrative depth of the 1970s aesthetic.