Description    Dronelabs, an organization at Old Dominion University, is focused on exploring the latest advancements in drone technology and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of robotics with a focus on land, air, and sea.
    Collaborated with a designer to create an impactful symbol, word mark, and website.

    Norfolk, VA
    Graphic Designer
    Logo Design, Branding + Identity, Web Design

    objective    Produce a sophisticated and recognizable logo that is easily applicable to any kind of material. The branding should reflect the organizations focus of materials, environment, location, and advancements in technology.

    Color and Typography    These hues complement the materials commonly associated with drones, including metal and plastic, while also harmonizing with the natural elements of air and sea. The chosen typeface is designed to align seamlessly with the sleek contours and precise edges characteristic of modern drones.

    Research and Development   Word mark conceptual development.

    Research and Development   Final lockup.