Description    Upstair Magazine is a forward-thinking physical publication that boldly explores the realms of design, lifestyle, music, gaming, art and fashion.
    Lead the art direction, designed the visual identity, curated articles, conducted interviews, and photographed the cover as well as some of the material inside.

    Norfolk, VA
    Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer
    Art Direction, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Curation, Editorial Design, Photography

    Objective    Produce a print-exclusive publication that blends various genres to deliver compelling narratives and captivate readers. Departing from conventional magazine formats, the publication aims to embrace novelty while adhering to design principles that facilitate accessibility. The cover art will evoke a refreshing sensation akin to a splash of cold water to the face, setting an invigorating tone for the content within.

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    Masthead Placement

    logo    The word mark combines a hand-drawn cursive 'S' with a custom slab serif typeface, making a bold statement within the contemporary magazine landscape and prompting reflection on the boundaries between low and high culture.

    Audience    Viewers are invited to actively engage with the magazine's legacy. The back cover features a structured grid layout, housing a piece submitted by a viewer.

    Content    The content in volume one includes curated articles that speak on the “journey” rather than the destination. It also includes art showcases and a forum.

    Layout + Content Building

    Radio    A musical outlet that creates mixes of ambient tracks for each volume.