Description    May Natural History Museum, Colorado Springs’ premier bug museum, is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in between Colorado Springs and Canon City. This family owned roadside attraction houses over 7,000 different tropical insects, one of the largest private displays of tropical bugs in the world, founded in 1947 by John May.
    Developed a conceptual symbol and word mark as well as merchandising and branding collateral.

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Graphic Designer
    Conceptual Development, Logo Design, Branding + Identity, Merchandising

    objective    Reconceptualize the museum's identity in an engaging and educational manner. By revitalizing the museum's original design, my goal is to highlight its rich history and emphasize a more iconic representation of insects, all while integrating the letter 'M' into the design. Drawing direct inspiration from the vibrant landscape of Colorado for the museum's colors and typefaces will enhance brand recognition.

    In addition to revamping the logo and brand style guide, I also tackled a range of projects, including signage, banners, and marketing materials- throughout, drawing inspiration from the environment and insect selection.

    Typography    The brand's typeface emulates the characteristics of insects through its slender descenders.

    Color    These colors are drawn directly from the picturesque landscape of Colorado. Featuring two primary hues, the array of complementary shades and tones offers greater flexibility for creative application compared to conventional color palettes.

    Research and Development Mind mapping with keywords.

    Research and Development Initial sketching.

    Research and Development   Conceptual logo development through thumbnail sketches.

    Research and Development   Final lockup.